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So I’ve just completed the first two chapters of a new story.  My budding sci-fi manuscript stems from the butcher’s paper brain dump I discussed here.

I’ve cast perfectionism aside and simply let rip with my thoughts, writing scenes, characters and dialogue as they come to me.  Just like with my last novel, I’m working on the principle of “what kind of book would I want to read?” then allowing myself the freedom to write it.  I’m going about it in a free-flowing, unrestrained manner, not bothering at this stage with spelling, phrasing and how fully formed concepts may or may not be.  I can refine all that later.

blank paper with pen and coffee cup on wood table

I must admit that I’m finding the “seat of the pants” writing technique quite liberating.  My previous novel was a drawn out affair, in part because I was too timid to move forward before I was certain of what I wanted to write and how it would all pan out.  This analysis-paralysis did nothing but impede my progress and reduce any momentum to stutters.  Not to mention that, despite my best efforts at foreseeing what I wanted to happen, I ended up heavily redrafting the novel afterwards, even entirely re-writing it.

This time I’m charging forward, even though, admittedly, I have no idea what will occupy the novel’s midsection.  I only know what the start and conclusion will look like, and I trust the other details will come to me.  It’s such a rush and a ride, and I feel I am not hampered by being overly cautious, overly protective or just a tedious perfectionist, something I warned other writers about in this piece.

woman writing on a notebook beside teacup and tablet computer

I’ve also noticed my creativity subconsciously builds upon the foundation blocks I put to paper in a stepping-stone kind of way.  I flesh one idea out and, in due course, my imagination comes up with scenes that could branch off from this.  Sometimes concepts decide to show up when I am at my writing desk.  Other times they arrive when I am focussed on entirely different things, as I wrote about in this post

I will keep you informed of the ups and downs I will inevitably encounter.  In the meantime, happy New Year and happy writing!

3 thoughts on “Sci-fi Novel Update

  1. That’s interesting – I always thought I was a plotter/outliner, but I recently discovered I may be more of a pantser than I had thought. Good luck with your project!


    1. Hi Clare.

      My theory is that if something isn’t working, try something else. I’ve been trying to plot this story but I find the ideas arrive more easily by pantsing it!

      Give the technique a go, and let me know of the results. Good luck!


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